DOE publishes industrial LED snapshot, adds reports on PoE and street lights

URL: DOE publishes industrial LED snapshot, adds reports on PoE and street lights Published on:April 5, 2017 By Maury Wright Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine  More than 20% of SSL luminaires for the industrial market exceed 130 lm/W in efficacy according to the US Department of Energy and separately the agency said self-metering products are increasingly viable for LED lighting. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published another in its series of Caliper Snapshot Reports with the latest focused on industrial LED luminaires, [...]

DLC 4.0 Premium is now effective starting April 2017

The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the widespread adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions. The DLC promotes high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products in collaboration with utilities and energy efficiency program members, manufacturers, lighting designers, and federal, state, and local entities. Through these partnerships, the DLC establishes product quality specifications, facilitates thought leadership, and provides information, education, tools and technical expertise. Its Qualified Products List (QPL) includes LED fixtures available on that are certified for light output, distribution, [...]

Eight things you did not know about LED

This article is part of the series highlighting the “Top Things You Didn’t Know About…” Be sure to check back for more entries soon. 8. A light-emitting diode, or LED, is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. Today’s LED bulbs can be six-seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cut energy use by more than 80 percent. 7. Good-quality LED bulbs can have a useful life of 25,000 hours [...]

LED Basics

LED Basics Source: Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs are not inherently white light sources. Instead, LEDs emit nearly monochromatic light, making them highly efficient for colored light applications such as traffic lights and exit signs. However, to be used as a general light source, white light is needed. White light can be achieved with LEDs in three ways: Phosphor conversion, in which a phosphor is used on or near the LED to convert the colored light to white light RGB systems, in [...]