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CommercialCommercial Indoor Lighting

30W 10" LED Commercial Downlight, 3000lm, 3-CCT 30K/35K/40K - Techno LED

Working Voltage: AC100-277V Efficiency: Up to 100 Lm/W CCT:30K/35K/40K
Canopy LightsCommercial

150W LED FUEL Canopy Light 18000lm, 5000K Dlc Listed Gas Station Light

Working Voltage: 120-277V Efficiency: Up to 135 Lm/W CCT:5000K
Canopy LightsCommercial

28W Gas Station Canopy Light, 3360lm, 5000K High Bay Ceiling Garage LED Light

Working Voltage: AC120-277V Efficiency: Up to 120 Lm/W IP Rating: IP65 These are primarily applied at gas stations but it can be used for parking garages, car ports, driveways, hallways, and...